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Autumn bounty meets pumpkin patch party time!

Three weeks today my little girl will be getting her first taste of Halloween at a children’s Halloween party organised by a friend.  It is impossible to make a toddler look scary, so I am going for adorable instead, and I have started making a little tutu and pumpkin appliquéd outfit for her. I am no master crafter, so I’m hoping that the inevitable imperfections in the final product will be overlooked whilst people coo at the general cuteness.  That’s the plan! Fingers crossed!

Halloween isn’t something I ever marked before I came out here.  I know it is a big thing in America, but it isn’t a particularly British celebration.  Although it’s popularity is growing as it becomes ever more commercialised.  All that aside, the party will be an interesting experience for the children, and they get the chance to dress up and play together, whilst the parents socialise after a long week.  I’m happy with that, just as long as I don’t have to go down the fancy dress route as well!

For Ailsa’s ‘bountiful‘ travel theme this week, pumpkins were obviously already on my mind given that I’m currently up to my eyes in green and orange tulle netting and felt!  So here is a little English pumpkin bounty, fresh from the Warwickshire fields and on sale at a farm shop last autumn. Don’t they look amazing?  I’m always stunned by the variety.  I had to stop myself from buying one in every shape and colour so that I could taste test them all!  Such beautiful bounty.