Merry go round moments – week 39.

Family fun: top shot.



Memories are made of this.

Ten months old and our little man has a new skill…drinking with a straw out of a bottle! It seems that watching your big sister doing something – especially something involving food and drink – can be quite a strong motivator!  It is so sweet and so funny, watching him sucking so hard that his cheeks draw totally inwards and his eyes go wide with the surprise at getting a mouthful of water as his reward for all his efforts.


Laugh out loud.

Trying to get a photo with my lovely friend, Sophia, and our two sons, whilst they wriggled and squirmed in an effort to get down and go exploring.   My little man really did not want to be messing about having photos taken, as is clear from the photo!  These boys have grown up alongside each other for their first year, and we have spent many a happy Saturday afternoon sitting drinking tea, eating cake and watching them play.


Quick quote.

“A journey is best measured in friends, not in miles.”

Tim Cahill.

Music makes me happy.

‘January, February, March and April, 

MAY, JUNE, July and August.  

September, Octoooober, December, Acember, 

these are the months of the year.’

Not quite sure why the rest of the song is sung super-sweetly, and May and June get the full throttle, shouty voice.  Nor why ‘Octooober’ is sung with the ‘o’ sound to rhyme with ‘who’ instead of ‘woe’. And quite honestly, the muddle with November and December at the end is just adorable.  It’s one of those little linguistic blips that you want to help them correct, but at the same time want to hang on to forever, as a little touch of stardust from their childhood.


Good times.

Our girly is such a joy right now.  She is drawing pictures all the time, and ‘writing’ us letters, which are essentially just a sheet of horizontal wiggly lines.  The other day she drew me a rainbow which actually looked like a rainbow!  It melts my heart thinking what a grown up, gorgeous little girl she is becoming.  She is climbing into her car seat herself, getting dressed herself, pouring her own milk.  I cannot believe how fast the years have gone.  How is my baby nearly three?


1 thought on “Merry go round moments – week 39.

  1. Osyth

    It’s amazing what the second picks up from the first although we found that our second talked far less than the first and less coherently as she didn’t need to make the effort with an articulate translater on hand. Those days are a distant memory now with the second carving a big career in digital marketing and known for her spoken and written eloquence.



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