Merry go round moments – week 37.

Family fun: top shot.


We have very little furniture here right now. But we did leave a paddling pool, some plastic balls, and some foam mats…this little man is in boy heaven! He sits in there, bashing balls together, gnawing on them, thumping his arms on the sides of the pool, rolling around in the balls. Endless fun.

Memories are made of this.
Our girly is getting so brave, as she climbs up the steps to the top of the ladder then throws herself with gusto so that she can really pick up some speed. A few times this week she has really landed with a bump on the ground, but she picks herself up, gives it a vigorous rub, and then sets off for the ladder again. And all the while her little brother looks on, from the little bucket swings nearby, clearly taking it all in and trying to figure out when it will be his turn! Not yet my boy, not yet!


Laugh out loud.
The schools are on holiday this week, so we have had a lovely lazy week at home. Not late rises, but slow starts. We were all piled in our bed, the kids playing together between us, whilst we drank our cups of tea on either side of them. Then daddy grabbed the girly for a big hug, which she tolerated for a minute or so and then said, in her primmest matron voice, “that’s quite enough of that!”. I laughed until there were tears rolling down my face. Little miss Mary Poppins, at her very best!


Quick quote.

A bit of a note to myself, I suppose, whilst we travel through a big backwards step on the toilet training with our girly.  She was there.  She’d done brilliantly.  It felt like we were (literally) home and dry.  And then this.  But then in fairness to her, there has been a lot going on in her little life recently.  A lot of change and upheaval.  I guess something had to give.  We will get there again.  But some days the frustration is very real.

“Constant frustration with other people signals a control issue or a loss of humanity.  Have patience with others, for you needn’t change them and they, like all of us, have difficult times.”

Brendon Burchard


Music makes me happy.
The Hippopotamus Song – Flanders and Swann. The girly loves singing this one, trying to reach all the highest and lowest notes, in her most dramatic, arm waving way.  It has been a real favourite this week.  It’s a joy to watch her.


Good times.

Plenty of playdates this week for the kids, which has been lovely.  Sitting watching my kids playing with their friends, whilst drinking coffee, eating homemade cake or vegetarian momos and chatting with the other mums.  Perfect.  I am really hugely going to miss the friends I’ve made here.



1 thought on “Merry go round moments – week 37.

  1. Osyth

    Mud mud glorious mud – nothing quite like it for cooling the blood! This made me grin! And the little epithet on the boy watching and learning from his big sister and wondering when he will get to do the same. You have a gift for observation and a mummy whose chicks are all grown and flown a wonderful bonus of tweaking the musty memory into life and reviewing my own children way back then. Thank you.



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