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No pain, no gain.

I like things to work to a schedule.  To have a plan and goals.  So having drifted along for a while now, I am ready for a bit more structure!  There are three months between now and the end of the school year and our trip back to the UK to visit family and friends. So I have decided to set myself a challenge for that period. Three months of alcohol-free clean living and a big push to get back in the pool and try to re-activate my swimmer’s body…I know it is buried in there somewhere!

July deadline

Let the countdown begin…

Why? I’ve been struggling to properly establish a consistent workout routine, and I’ve been thinking for a while now that I need a goal to drive my post-baby body back to some kind of acceptable form.  But the trigger was the mother of all hangovers on Saturday after an embarrassingly small amount of alcohol.  As I get older my tolerance is getting rapidly less, whilst the hangovers just get worse and worse.  And quite frankly, the long recovery time just doesn’t seem worth it any more. I hate the frustration of wasting a day feeling rough and lolling around, begging mercy from the hangover gods.  I’ve said it all before, but this time I am putting it into action…teetotalism here I come…well for a short-term trial period anyway!

It is not as if I haven’t done it before. I can count on one hand the number of drinks I had in the whole 40 weeks I was pregnant.  But not drinking when you are pregnant is slightly different.  When I don’t have the health needs of my unborn child to consider and my friends are thrusting icy-cold, tempting margarita cocktails at me, will it still seem so easy? Undoubtedly not, but I like a challenge!

A return to the pool is at least familiar territory for me, and it doesn’t usually take me too long to get a basic level of swim fitness back. Although I’m not aiming too high – my relative heyday of competitive swimming form was admittedly some years ago now! And whilst I suspect this may be rose-tinted glasses territory, the smell of chlorine still makes me feel somewhat nostalgic for my childhood and teen years, and the many, many hours spent in the swimming pool churning up and down. Up and down. Up and down. Ahhhh, happy days! I am looking forward to getting back in the pool.

I am going to aim for three sessions a week, building the distance up so that my ultimate goal is a five kilometre swim. I plan to time the full distance swim once every four weeks and see how hard I can push myself on improving the time each month.  And to keep myself motivated I will report back on here every couple of weeks with a progress update. If I have to write it down it will shame me if I’m not doing my best! Perhaps I really am my own harshest critic!

Wish me luck.  I just might need it!  But then, ‘no pain, no gain’, as my swimming coach used to shout from the poolside.  Time will tell.