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Geometry and jam pans.

When is a lemon not a lemon? Well, when it’s a pineapple.  Of course!  Just look at that sumptuously rich, lemony colour.  It is making my mouth water just looking at it.

This particular pineapple didn’t hang around long as I had big Christmassy plans for it.  Specifically, this incredible pineapple chutney from BBC Good Food.  It was so easy to make and so moreish to eat, that this is the second batch I’ve made now in the space of weeks, having never made chutney before.

006a_851 copy

I am part of a monthly Supper Club night with a bunch of girlfriends.  It is always a fun evening.  We are a group of seriously frustrated foodies in Brunei, so we make a lot from scratch, in an effort to bridge the gap!  Homemade bread, pasta and gnocchi, ice cream, dips, pesto and hummus, cakes, pastries and confectionery, pate, fruit curds and cordials to name just a few of our collective endeavours.  And now chutney.  We don’t always get it right, but part of the fun is learning from our mistakes.  And there is always so much delicious food at the table that the occasional fail is easily overlooked.

We all agreed at our Supper Club night a couple of months ago that we’d have a little Christmas gathering.  Lots of great food, the company of good friends, and a little Christmas spirit.  One of the bring along items was jars of chutney, either to give as gifts or add to the cheese board accompaniments on the night.

As I said, this is the second batch I’ve made, as the first batch was so tasty I’ve not got enough jars left now to give as gifts!  I know pineapple isn’t a conventional Christmas flavour, but the chutney is sublime, and really easy if you fancy giving chutney making a go.  Plus, out here exotic fruit chutney like pineapple or mango feels altogether more in keeping with the location and climate!  And if you live somewhere you can buy them, it would go amazingly well with English regional crumbly sharp cheeses like Wensleydale, Lancashire and Cheshire.  We’re not so blessed here, but it is still very good even with a pretty average imported cheddar!

006a_849 copy

Is your tummy rumbling yet?  Mine is!  But really, I had to go with food for Jennifer’s ‘lemon‘ one word photo challenge didn’t I?  Isn’t the skin just amazing too, when you really look at it?  Wonderful colours, and nature in all it’s geometric, hexagonal glory.  Which made this post seem an obvious entry for this week’s ‘angular‘ photo challenge from WordPress as well.