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The alphabet song, and finding inspiration in unlikely places.

When you are two years old, establishing patterns and connections is everything.  See words anywhere other than a book? Sing the alphabet song! Our little girl loves to sing and dance, and I must hear the alphabet song three or four times a day at the moment!

The funniest times are usually when she spots writing on food.  Obvious things like spaghetti hoops and alphabet potato bites, naturally.  But also some more surprising choices too.  Those sponge finger biscuits you use for classic trifles?  ‘Boudoir’ biscuits.  They got sung to the other day when she clocked the lettering.  Very sincerely and with great gusto, I might add.  It really made me smile.

And of course, any time her little brother is wearing any clothing with lettering across it, that inspires her to sing to him too.  Not that she needs much encouragement.  Our girly loves her baby brother utterly beyond anything we could have ever imagined.  She just wants to cuddle him, sing to him, and play with him all day long.  It makes my heart melt.

This photo was taken when he was just weeks old.  He couldn’t smile then, but now, at five months, he most definitely can. That smile just lights up the room.  And of course that makes his big sister want to dash over to share his joy and sing him a quick song.  In between important ‘tent’ building work and tea party organising for her ‘babies’, of course.

Smiles all round.