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one word photo challenge: rainbow.

How hard is it to get a photo of a rainbow?  Well, you have to be pretty lucky with the weather and your timing to get a decent shot of a rainbow arching across the sky.  And my luck has not been good enough yet.  So I thought I’d go foodie instead for my interpretation of Jennifer Nichole Wells’ ‘rainbow’ one word photo challenge.  It’s all about the cake…not so far from the truth in real life when I can get away with it!

006a_062 copy

Rainbow mini cupcakes at the Ramadhan food markets.  I have no idea how they made these, but they looked amazing!

056 copy

A gift from Chinese neighbours, as part of the celebration of Chinese New Year. Seriously luminous rainbow marble cake.  topped with cheese. Yes, cheese; I kid you not. An altogether new taste sensation for me!