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Sunshine for the soul. And butterflies!

Back home now, and settled in the perma-humidity and sunshine of the tropics, I am grateful to avoid experiencing that old familiar sinking feeling that comes with the dawning realisation that summer is well and truly on its way out. I love experiencing the different seasons, but I do like daylight, warmth and dry days!

I think our holidays finished just in time, as we left England whilst they were still revelling in long sunny days and balmy summer nights.  It meant we could leave with nostalgia in our hearts for the changing seasons, and rose tinted glasses firmly in place! Already family and friends are despairingly commenting on the shortening days and the cooler weather creeping back in.

I know there is an old Scandinavian phrase about there being ‘no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing’.  And I’m with them on that.  After all, if they can say that in the face of winter temperatures hitting as low as -30 or even -40°C, then they must know what they are talking about!  Even so, it’s hard not to succumb to stereotypical British grumbling about the weather.  We really can’t help it you know.  It’s practically hard-wired into our DNA after generations of constant practice.


The travel theme this week on wheresmybackpack.com is like a call to arms; an ‘orange’ themed post to bring back our vim and vigour in spite of – as Ailsa so eloquently puts it – ‘the overhasty exodus of summer’.  I’m always up for prolonging the summer vibe, so an orange themed post seemed an easy enough ask.  Summer and sunshine makes me happy; why wouldn’t I want to keep that feeling alive?!


So here is a little tropical orange sunshine and sizzle, all the way from…Stratford upon Avon.  Erm…England.  Yeah, okay, not technically tropical.  At all.  But a birthday trip to the Stratford butterfly farm for our little girl’s first birthday gave us all a lot of pleasure.  And a good few photos of tropical butterflies and plants besides.




Looking back at the photos from the day, a surprisingly high proportion of them were ablaze with orange. So perhaps those clever colour consultants who tell you about the mood altering effects of colour are on to something.  It really is a strikingly effective colour to give you that far-flung warm, sunny holiday feel-good factor!