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Ready, steady, hula!

There are some super-special moments of ‘I did it!’ when you are a child.  The first time you actually manage to do something resembling hula-hooping is one of them.  It was for me.  And it was for this little miss too.

I have better photos of the hula hoop in motion, but for me, this one tops them for the happy ‘I did it!’ look on her face.  It’s blurry, it won’t win any prizes, but in this context, that doesn’t matter.  It is a very special photo for me.  That moment of joy when she realised she had done it.  That is a beautiful thing.  As a parent I love that I was there to capture the moment.

It happened about a month ago.  Since then we have had so many tiny separate moments of achievement, awe, and wonder.  That is life with a toddler in perpetual motion and growth I guess. This hula-hooping moment of joy would have been lost in amongst them, had I not happened to have my camera in hand at just the right moment.

I love being witness to the little things that make up her day, which make her smile and laugh and dance with joy.


My entry for the ‘dance‘ theme for the WordPress photo challenge this week.


Learning to hula-hoop, and the smile she gave the first time she managed it. Special memories.

Merry go round moments – week 6.

Family fun: top shot.

Bathtime, in the tub with his big sister, who was more than happy to share her bubbles, and help wash him.  He is such a water baby and such a contented little chappy.  I just love his soulful expression here, looking adoringly at his daddy.



Pause for thought.

By my own design, this weekly series generally has a feel-good vibe, so this pause for thought jars with that.  But I’d be lying if I tried to hide how emotional I’ve found this week at times.

Life in my own small bubble is fantastic and beautiful; I am immensely lucky and immensely grateful. But living on the island of Borneo, I’ve spent a lot of time this week feeling pretty sad and pretty helpless about the awfulness of fires ravaging Indonesian primary rainforest.

The environmental devastation being caused is just monumental – this article in The Guardian, by George Monbiot, gives a useful sense of the scale of the horror unfolding.  Untold numbers of animal and bird species are being burnt out of their homes, many of them not escaping the fires alive. It is an ecological tragedy of catastrophic proportions.

And yet it seems to be barely registering on the global consciousness.  It is not sensational enough? Not sexy enough? Is it because it is not obvious enough how this may or may not affect our own personal lives, health and wealth? What has our society and our global media become, that we can so selectively screen our world view?  It makes me feel deeply weary, and achingly sad for the world my children are inheriting.

I’ll try to get back to upbeat for next week’s pause for thought, I promise!


Memories are made of this.

Our little man gave us the pleasure of his first proper little chuckle this week.  He looked almost as surprised as I was when it happened, and so pleased with himself.  His personality just shines out now; it’s wonderful.


Laugh out loud.

Saturday was play-date day round at our house.  Our girly and her bestie are like two little peas in a pod, and they were racing around on their toddle bikes, playing with their dollies together and doing lots of hide and seek.  Cuteness overload came with the pair of them hiding behind the curtains, toe-to-toe, cuddling and giggling.  After a few minutes of not being found by us mums, they came out from behind the curtains, arms linked aloft in victory, saying ‘we did it!!’ and rounding their success off with a little celebratory hug.


Quick quote.

‘Forests … are in fact the world’s air-conditioning system—the very lungs of the planet—and help to store the largest body of freshwater on the planet … essential to produce food for our planet’s growing population. The rainforests of the world also provide the livelihoods of more than a billion of the poorest people on this Earth… In simple terms, the rainforests, which encircle the world, are our very life-support system—and we are on the verge of switching it off.’

Prince Charles


‘We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children’.

Native American saying


Music makes me happy.

Jamie Lawson – Wasn’t Expecting That.

This song – which I’d not heard before – came on the radio this week whilst I was on my way back from the gym.  Good job it was on the way home, and in the dark, because it had me smiling at the start and just in floods of tears at the end.  I really wasn’t expecting that! Well, I did say I’d had a bit of an emotional week didn’t I?!


Good times.

A family swim on Friday afternoon.  A wonderful way to start the weekend, and the first time our little man went in the pool.  Twelve weeks old and he absolutely loved it!!

And even better, he has now blessed us with two almost unbroken nights of sleep in a row.  Last night he slept from 7pm until 5am – heaven!  They do say that 12 weeks is a turning point for many babies, so here’s hoping that it’s true.



Learning through play.

‘Be careful what you teach, it might interfere with what they are learning.’

Magda Gerber.

Is there anything or anyone more careful than a toddler trying to execute a new skill or trying to achieve something that really matters to them?

Balancing a beanbag on your head might not seem like much to an adult, but to a toddler it is the pinnacle of careful concentration, skill and learning.  As well as a great deal of fun and a barrel full of belly laughs along the way of course, as the beanbag teeters and topples off, time and again.

Playing is learning at this age.  And it is such a pleasure to witness.

I don’t think she needs teaching as such.  Not yet.  Just the freedom to learn.  So often when I’m watching my little girl just being her, I can see her practically growing and gaining confidence in front of my very eyes.  It is a rare privilege.


Bringing me my camera lens cap, ever so carefully! *Mummy, very grateful it was only the lens cap she’d gotten her careful but still rather clumsy hands on!*

‘Children are not things to be moulded, but people to be unfolded.’

Jess Lair.


Out for a fresh watermelon juice one afternoon, and keeping herself entertained. *All the cool kids match their play things to their beverage (on their face, and in their glass!)!*

‘Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning.’

Diane Ackerman


Tower building! A favourite activity at the moment. All that care and attention, so that she can delight in the great fun of knocking it down at the end!

My entry for this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Careful.