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The finish line and a little bit of cat therapy.

Some weeks just seem to be particularly tough, although you can’t quite put your finger on what specifically is at the root of the problem.  It’s been one of those weeks.  But I’ve made it across the finish line – the weekend is here! A couple of days of family time and the chance to refresh and recharge will smooth everything out I’m sure.

It’s Friday night, I’m about to go and pour myself a generous glass of Shiraz, pop the dinner in the oven and put some music on.  Then I am going to put my feet up, chat with my husband without constant focus on our gorgeous girl and her toddler demands, and cuddle a cat.  These things make me happy.  They belong together; a formula for happiness.

If you are not a cat (or animal) lover, then you may not get it.  But for me cuddling a purring cat is almost therapeutic.  Now, time to go choose that album and get the evening started!  Happy weekend everybody!

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Razzy and Rosie – siblings who belong not only in our family, but to each other. They are very cuddly!

‘The only escape from the miseries of life are music and cats…’

(Albert Schweitzer).