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When close is just not close enough.

When I was brand new to this crazy, stressful, wonderful parenting game the first time round, a friend signposted me to a book called The Wonder Weeks, by Hetty van de Rijt and Frans Plooij.  ‘Wonder Weeks’ essentially being explained as predictable cranky periods, preceding a big new step forward in physical skills, understanding or capabilities for your baby. It is my Teaser Tuesday choice for this week, and an absolute saviour for new parents looking for some confidence giving, baby-related logic and reassurance!

The book was a total revelation.  And the concept of Wonder Weeks helped enormously in making sense of some of those seemingly inexplicable periods in a baby’s life where everything goes completely off course, and then almost as suddenly, bounces straight back to normal again. It gave me so much comfort.  When I remember back to those first few months, I can clearly remember how totally overwhelming it sometimes felt, having this tiny, dependent, crying bundle to figure out.

Now we have our little man too, I don’t refer back to our parenting ‘library’ anywhere near as often as I did when our girly was young.  For me, it definitely feels more innate the second time round.  But I do dip in to The Wonder Weeks occasionally.  Normally when we are having a period of unsettled sleep or fussiness, which has me wondering if there might be a Wonder Week on its way.  This week I checked back in to the book for exactly that reason, and yes indeed, week 26 is one of the Wonder Weeks!  SO that explains that then!

‘One of the most significant relationships that your baby can now perceive is the distance between one thing and another.  We take this for granted as adults, but for a baby it is an alarming discovery, a very radical change in his world.’

The Wonder Weeks, Hetty van de Rijt and Frans Plooij.

At the moment our little man is all smiles and laughter, until he thinks I might be trying to put him down or sneak out of the room without him!  The tears stop as soon as I give him a cuddle or hold his hand, but  whilst he goes through this temporary super-needy phase, close is just not close enough! But actually, that’s fine by me.  I am so keenly aware that already my tiny newborn baby is a bonny six month old who is rolling, and almost sitting upright by himself.  It is almost frightening how quickly it has happened.  So while he needs me to hold him close and cuddle, I am making every last second count.