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Happy talk.

With the parents she has, we always expected our little girl would be a talker. And we are now definitely in a language learning zone.  Already she has three very important words under her belt, which we are hearing…a lot!  In the order the words came out:

  1. mumumumumum
  2. mamama
  3. catcat.

Catcat, obviously, means cat.  Although, for the record, I have no idea why the repetition.  It isn’t how we speak!  My husband tried to persuade me that ‘catcat’ is actually a generic animal word, as our little girl apparently was saying it to a toy dog she has.  But when I asked if he was sure, because on the shelf right next to the toy there is actually a photo frame with a picture of our cats in it, he was less certain.

So it seems that even without pets here, I may have passed on my crazy cat lady ways, which makes me bizarrely happy.  I am so looking forward to going back to the UK in the summer and introducing our little girl to the cats.  She is going to love them.  Although I’m not entirely convinced that the feeling will be mutual.  She does not have the gentlest of touches!

Cleo - the most aloof of the three cats. What will she make of a toddler in the house?!

Cleo – the most aloof of the three cats. What will she make of a toddler in the house?!

When mumumumumum fell out of the bag, I was unsure. Mum?  Or yum? Every mum (secretly or not so secretly!) wants mummy to be their child’s first word.  But I was somewhat doubtful as, at the time, she was sat in her high chair, stuffing cubes of mango and blueberries into her little hamster cheeks like there was no tomorrow. And we have spent a lot of time saying ‘mmmmm, yum yum yum….[toast/cheese/peas/pear/chicken etc]’ so that she learns the words. So I guess I can hardly blame her.

It is also actually a very shrewd move on her part.  I am now very clear on exactly what she likes and what she doesn’t like, even though she cannot yet say the individual names of everything that is put on her plate.  Obviously things are going well when there are lots of ‘mumumumums’.  And equally obviously, considerably less well when there is a lot of head shaking, lip clamping and things being dramatically flung down to the floor!

Yum, yum, yum...toast!

Yum, yum, yum…toast!

If I’m honest, even mamama I cannot claim entirely for myself, as it actually covers a number of bases.  Most of the time I’m the one in the firing line.  But it can actually mean anyone else, including dad, granny, granddad.  Or even ‘hey you!’ if the cute smile failed to grab the necessary amount of attention.

So now I’m working on her next word being ‘daaa-deee’.  None of the others have been pushed on her, but I am making a conscious effort with this one.  Mainly because I know it will make my husband utterly overjoyed when she first says it.  But also because a friend tells me (from experience) that this is a very prudent move for sharing weekend parent duty.  When they wake in the morning and can shout for ‘daaaddeee’ as well as ‘mamama’, the baton can be quite justifiably passed. Now that sounds like a good reason, wouldn’t you agree?