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Merry go round moments – week 20.

Family fun: top shot.

No messing with this boy and his food!

No messing with this boy and his food!


Memories are made of this.

Listening to our girly having ‘conversations’ with people on her play phone:

‘Hi Sheel’n’elan [our friends Susheel and Milan, who’s names she always conflates for some reason]…yes…yes…I just doing my important jobs…yes…okay, bye!’

She’s a proper little person.


Laugh out loud.

We always knew the time would come.  Our girly can now turn the door knobs in our house by herself.  Disaster!  It is the one thing we have steadfastly not encouraged independence in, not least because the exterior doors have the same handles.  So now we are having to remember to bolt the doors every single time we use them, otherwise we quickly have a young runaway, making a bid for freedom.

The very next morning following her new skills acquisition, we awoke to  the sound of the click of her bedroom door knob turning, our door creaking open, and her creeping in, shushing in a farcically loud stage whisper, in a way that only toddlers can.  Then using her very loudest foghorn voice she said ‘you must be QUIET daddy, don’t wake little man!’.  It was pre-dawn and far too early for any of us to be awake.  We did our best to show that we were not impressed with the escape and early start, but really, she was just too funny to be properly cross.  Mind you, we might have felt a bit differently if her antics had woken her brother!


Quick quote.

‘I love you mummy.  You are my very, very best mummy.  You are my best friend.’

That’s my heart-meltingly gorgeous girl.  She is so expressive of her love these days.  It makes my heart sing.


Music makes me happy.

aaa, ants on the apple. This is a new one for me, and I love it.  It goes through the letter sounds, and is so much more interesting than the straight alphabet songs. Examples include ‘eee, elegant elephants’, ‘qqq, queen waiting quietly’, and ‘www, wobble wobble walrus’.  Fabulous.  Plus it lasts for absolutely ages if you go through every letter in the alphabet, so it is really good for long journeys and filling time while you are waiting somewhere with young kids.


Good times.

Meal times are still a bit of a struggle with our picky toddler, but we are getting there.  With consistent encouragement and perseverance, she is now finally trying more and more things.  Hopefully now we’ve got the ball rolling, momentum will just keep building.  We still give her the things she really loves too, which I think has stopped us treating it like a proper battle and forcing her hand towards flat out refusal.

Pink milk is her new favourite, echoing the drink of choice on her favourite tv programme, Charlie and Lola.  Pink milk in our house is just her normal milk, with two drops of natural pink food colouring in it.  But, hey, she knocks the whole lot back and asks for more, without the need for any cajoling from us, so everyone’s a winner!

Of course, her little brother is still at the easy, pre-fussy stage, and doesn’t understand what all the bother is about.  He is happily eating everything he is given at the moment.  Porridge, rice, pasta, toast, steamed carrots, avocado, mango, red dragon fruit (that one was a surprise favourite, although it was also a very messy post-meal tidy up!). You name it! Let’s hope it lasts.



Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Food!


Beautiful persimmon fruit.  They have a vivid orange, shiny skin which is normally the thing that catches your eye.  But I think that in black and white the almost architectural calyx on top really stands out, which is lovely.

In this house we take our food seriously!  Food is for eating, not for photographing (well, most of the time!).  Moments after this shot was taken, the persimmon were peeled and chopped up, poaching in a pan of orange flower water with some peeled pear and a couple of bruised cardamom pods. Softened, blitzed and poured into an ice cube tray for freezing…very tasty, very quick, and perfect baby size portions to accompany thick, creamy greek yoghurt!  Our little one loved it!!  And after all, why should toddlers be stuck eating boring food, especially when good food is this easy?!