Merry go round moments – week 29.

Top shot: family fun.


Floor matting? No, mummy, you’ve got it all wrong. It is a giant teething chew toy, obviously. This boy is a whirlwind when it comes to making mess!


Memories are made of this.

Making cupcakes with the girly, decorated with sweets sent by one of my very best friends, who is always there when I need her.  We live on opposite sides of the world, and I miss her like mad.  I cannot wait to catch up with her again in the summer.  In the meanwhile, sitting reading the books she sent for the kids, eating sweetie-topped cakes, everything feels better for knowing that I’m blessed with some totally amazing friends.


Laugh out loud.

We’ve been slowly building up a supply of winter wear, ready for our move to totally different climes.  The girly had a lot of fun, trying it all on this week. Stripped down to her underwear, because even with air-conditioning blasting, it gets a bit hot trying on all those coats, hats, gloves and scarves! I particularly loved her final look – sprawled on the sofa watching a little bit of Ben & Holly after a mad half hour.  Pants, big winter wool bobble hat and some chunky headphones to finish off the look; it was a properly kooky style statement!


Quick quote.

“I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see.”

John Burrough


Music makes me happy.

The a cappella dragons – Everburn the dragon.  From the episode ‘The Curse of Princess Ivy’, Sofia the First.

Some children’s television programmes really do have the catchiest of music in them. Our girly is really into Sofia the First at the moment.  It is a Disney Junior offering, and the music is a dead giveaway as it is very well done, and super catchy.  If we watch an episode I then have at least one of the songs bouncing round in my head all day long.

As parents we are actually a bit conflicted about letting her watch it.  Princessy, girly girly things are something we have always intentionally avoided on her behalf.  Part of a broader ‘no woman has to act like a princess in a tower, waiting for her prince to come along to make her whole’ philosophy that we want to instil in her.  But then actually, the female characters are, on the whole, dynamic, strong-willed, intelligent, independent, capable individuals, who just happen to nearly all be princesses.  Parenting conundrums aside, I do still love the music!


Good times.

Little missy, bossing us all about on Sunday morning when we piled in to bed for a cuddle and story time.  ‘Shovel [‘shuffle’] up, mummy.  Daddy, move your leg! I want little man to sit next to me so I can read to him’.  (She really does actually call him ‘little man’.  So sweet).  He loves her reading to him, and she revels in the glory of being the story teller, making him smile and laugh.  He does unfortunately also have a real thing for grabbing pudgy fistfuls of her hair, which he then tries to yank forward and stuff in his mouth.  Although she is impressively understanding about the whole thing, it does disrupt the peaceful harmony of the moment somewhat!


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