Merry go round moments – week 28.

Top shot: family fun.


This is the worst photo; grainy and taken hurriedly on my phone, which was all I had with me.  But it had to be this week’s shot.  In toddler time, these two haven’t had a playdate together for so long – at least four months. So I was really surprised that they just clicked straight into a groove as soon as they set eyes on each other. I thought my heart was going to melt, watching them sitting side by side, with their dollies and their books.


Memories are made of this.

Both my kids are instinctively animal lovers. When we eat al fresco at restaurants, this boy will happily sit in his highchair with his head practically on a swivel, watching the stray cats that rush to snaffle the dropped spoils of his mealtime. He was in his element when we visited a friend who has one of the most placid, child-friendly cats I have ever met. The cat put up with very heavy baby hands patting him, pulling on his ears, and scrunching his whiskery face. What an amazing animal; definitely the sign of a cat which has grown up in a house with young children, right from the start. Our little man couldn’t believe his luck. He was all smiles and laughter when he was with the cat, and would get really upset every time I picked him up and took him away, in an effort to give the poor animal a break. Although perhaps the cat really didn’t actually mind the attention – he certainly made no effort to move when the wriggling, crawling cat-cuddling machine started to make a beeline for him for the tenth time that morning.


Laugh out loud.

You don’t realise quite how much your children tune in to your routines and activities until they can start talking to you and telling you what it is that they are seeing. At this point in my life it can be hard to stick to a schedule with exercising, because it has to fit around family life. Having said that, although my sessions are usually pretty short, I do try to go at least four times a week. It really helps me offload my stress and tension from the day, and it just makes me feel like a happier human being!

“You going to the gym mummy? To do your exercises? Exercises make you feel better, don’t they mummy?”

Yes. Yes, they do. Hopefully she has that level of understanding because of how I explain where I am going and why, and not because I am so clearly a nicer, less cranky person to be around after I get back!


Quick quote.

“One of the many interesting and surprising experiences of the beginner in child analysis is to find in even very young children a capacity for insight which is often far greater than that of adults.”

Melanie Klein.


Music makes me happy.

Spacehog – in the meantime.  In preparation for the big move we’ve been going through the house, trying to declutter and streamline a little. We have so many CDs, it is quite ridiculous. Now we have iPods and docking stations we really very rarely play anything on CD anymore. Yet, going through them, it was almost impossible to reduce the collection. So many memories and good times are wrapped up in music for both of us. Just looking at an album cover, or hearing the opening bars of a track pulls me back in. I suspect that even decades after CDs are effectively obsolete, ours will be one of those houses that has boxes and boxes of them squirrelled away. To me, they feel like a tangible collection of special moments in time, in a way that music files on an iPod will never be able to replicate.


Good times.

This week has been a lovely one. With mister off work we have just had a totally lazy week of family time. When I say ‘lazy’ I mean we didn’t go off on holiday anywhere. Life is obviously never ‘lazy’ in the true sense anymore, with a toddler and a baby in the house! It was a simple but perfect stay-at-home week. Lots of going to the park, going to the swimming pool, and eating lunch out. Just what I was needing.




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