Ready, steady, hula!

There are some super-special moments of ‘I did it!’ when you are a child.  The first time you actually manage to do something resembling hula-hooping is one of them.  It was for me.  And it was for this little miss too.

I have better photos of the hula hoop in motion, but for me, this one tops them for the happy ‘I did it!’ look on her face.  It’s blurry, it won’t win any prizes, but in this context, that doesn’t matter.  It is a very special photo for me.  That moment of joy when she realised she had done it.  That is a beautiful thing.  As a parent I love that I was there to capture the moment.

It happened about a month ago.  Since then we have had so many tiny separate moments of achievement, awe, and wonder.  That is life with a toddler in perpetual motion and growth I guess. This hula-hooping moment of joy would have been lost in amongst them, had I not happened to have my camera in hand at just the right moment.

I love being witness to the little things that make up her day, which make her smile and laugh and dance with joy.


My entry for the ‘dance‘ theme for the WordPress photo challenge this week.


Learning to hula-hoop, and the smile she gave the first time she managed it. Special memories.

7 thoughts on “Ready, steady, hula!

  1. Osyth

    Clever clever girl! And the look of joy and triumph on her face is priceless indeed. It’s a lovely depiction of dance. One of the nicest I have seen, actually 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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