Merry go round moments – week 25.

Top shot: family fun.

Teething baby boy

Tired eyes, but those two front bottom teeth…too cute! This is the face of our teething, dribbly, yet still cheerful boy. He amazes me with how smiley and contented he is.


Memories are made of this.

Our little man has really found his voice this week.  Lots of squeaking and growling and generally letting his presence be known.  Between him and his big sister, who just talks none stop these days, there seems to barely ever be a moment of silence!


Laugh out loud.

“I love you, baby girl.”

“I love you too, mummy.  Sooooo much.”

“Oh that’s fantastic.  Thank you.  How much do you love me?”

“Two days a week, mummy!”

Ha. Okay then. That will teach me to stop expanding conversations with her as a means to build language skills!


Quick quote.

“Temper tantrums, however fun they may be to throw, rarely solve whatever problem is causing them.”

Lemony Snicket.

Oh, how I wish I could convey this to our little miss this week.  What a monkey she has been! It’s an age thing.  It will pass.  But, oh boy….


Music makes me happy.

Kodachrome – Paul Simon.  This track makes me feel happy, even on the tiredest, grumpiest, ‘I’ve got a teething baby and a semi potty-trained, tantruming toddler’ day!


Good times.

Friday family swim, and our big girl is suddenly happy to launch herself off and try to swim by herself.  What?!??  It has come from nowhere all of a sudden.  We still hovered very close by, as she was half under water most of the time, coming up smiling but spluttering and coughing.  It is such a confident departure from where she was just a few weeks ago.  Watching children grow and learn is incredible.  Her little brother just bobs about in our arms, watching it all happening and taking in the sensation of being weightless in the water.  He loves our pool time.





3 thoughts on “Merry go round moments – week 25.

    1. jenny Post author

      Haha – definitely! That would be much better! She’s funny if she sees a clock too. It’s always “5 o’clock in the morning” according to her….possibly because that is the only time reference she every gets from us, as we blearily try to open our eyes and get her to close hers and go back to sleep!

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