Merry go round moments – week 22.

Top shot: family fun.



Memories are made of this.

This week our little man spent an hour at his big sister’s nursery school, checking it out.  We are thinking about sending him in April, two mornings a week.  I was relieved to find that he already loves it!  If he could speak, I think he might have argued the case for starting sooner, and going more often!  But he is my baby baby, and whilst I really relish the deliciously rare child-free time his going to nursery will offer, I also feel it tugging at every heartstring I’ve got, just thinking about it.  Then I look at this photograph of him, and I know everything will be fine!


Laugh out loud.

‘Well done, Daddy.  You are a good, good boy.  You been very sensible eating your dinner’.  Ahem, yes, thank you little lady!  It’s a good thing we all know who is really in charge in this household.



Quick quote.

‘Life is a balance of holding on and letting go’.



Music makes me happy.

The Boogie Woogie song. Since our girly started at nursery last month, she has repeatedly told me about singing the ‘boogie woogie’ song, but I have never managed to get her to sing it to me.  I was drawing a total blank.  This week I was in the nursery and heard it for myself.  And it all came flooding back to me.  I’d heard it before.  So many times I can’t believe I’d forgotten it!  This time two years ago I was taking our girly to  ‘jungle jingles’, which was the weekly baby music group (along exactly the same lines that I am now doing two years on with her little brother!).  Anyway, she loved the jungle boogie woogie song.  It turns out she still does now!


Good times.

Our little man is really beginning to show his independence now.  He can sit up almost unaided now, provided you just put a cushion behind him.  And he loves to feed himself, as well as drinking water from his bottle, all by himself.  He fills my heart with joy.



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