Twirling umbrellas, whatever the weather.

Brunei is hot, humid and sunny.  All year round.  We have a ‘wet season’, but not in the same way that other parts of South-East Asia do.  Even so, you will not get through a day without seeing umbrellas up, everywhere you go.  Local people don’t go anywhere without them.  Here they are not used to keep the rain off, but the sun.

Like most of the expats out here, we tend to go for hats and liberally applied sunscreen, rather than umbrellas.  There is something nice about the feeling of the warm sun on your face isn’t there?

We do have this very fine rainbow umbrella.  But it is more for fun than anything.  Our girly is at that stage in life where there are hours of fun to be had, putting up an umbrella and twirling around and around with it.  And who am I to stand in the way of her indulging in a little spot of umbrella dancing?


It’s raining again….oh no, wait – it’s not!

My entry for this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Seasons.



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