Merry go round moments – week 21.

Top shot: family fun.


All dressed up for Chinese New Year and feeling very pleased with it, as you can see from her beaming smile.


Memories are made of this.

Our girly puddle jumping, hand in hand with her bestie.  They had come out of the gate at nursery together, holding hands.  We walked the couple of hundred metres to the car, and they held hands the entire way, stopping to take turns to jump in puddles as they went.  Then they had a big hug, waved and said goodbye, then went their separate ways.  Beyond adorable.


Laugh out loud.

“Sorry Daddy, I can’t. I’ve got my important jobs to do.”

These ‘important jobs’ usually involve finding a piece of paper and a crayon and scribbling furiously, ‘making lists’. So funny.  Of course, it still doesn’t get her out of helping tidy up / set her place for dinner / get her teeth cleaned, or whatever it is.  But it’s a good effort!


Quick quote.

“The balloons only have one life and the only way of finding out whether they work is to attempt to fly around the world.”

Richard Branson


Music makes me happy.

Kelly Clarkson – Since U Been Gone. She’s not someone whose music I would buy, but this is definitely one of those songs that grabs me and makes me want to sing along at the top of my voice when I hear it in passing.  That’s exactly what I ended up doing when it came on the radio this week!  Isn’t there just something so uplifting and energising about a burst of carefree sing-along?


Good times.

Those glorious moments of bliss when the kids are asleep in the car, and it is just me, a couple of good podcasts and the road.  Or even better is that scenario, plus my husband in the car too, having just picked him up from work.  We have essentially started treating these sleep rides like date time.  We grab take-out coffees, and we seize the chance for an hour of entirely whine-free, job-free, uninterrupted adult conversation and time with each other, whilst drinking a cup of coffee which is actually still hot!  It is truly blissful.

This Friday was particularly good as we had the news only the day before that we will be moving to pastures new, come August.  We will be gong half way around the world again, to another far-flung location.  It would be fair to say that we are giddy with excitement as well as slightly daunted at the scale of the move and the prospect of the changes it will bring.  So an hour together to talk excitedly and make plans was the perfect way to kickstart our weekend.


3 thoughts on “Merry go round moments – week 21.

    1. jenny Post author

      Thanks Patti. It’s ridiculous really, but I’m sure we are following a very well worn path. Parenthood is definitely one of those times when resourcefulness is a key skill!

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