Merry go round moments – week 16.

Family fun: top shot.


Loving his Granny. Mum has been with both my babies when they have cut their first tooth. Special memories.

Memories are made of this.

Teeth!  Our little man is only just five months old and already has his first tooth, with one on the way soon.  I can’t believe he is teething already.  We have begun slowly weaning him.  Small amounts of purees and lumps of really squishy fruit and vegetables for him to try out for himself.  He has taken to eating like a duck to water!


Laugh out loud.

We have so few photos of all of us together in the same shot, so we decided to get some family photos done whilst we were back.  I’m not a fan of formal, studio photography really, so we went with someone who does all his work outdoors.  We had such a great time with the photographer at Tittesworth Reservoir, on a crisply cold and gloriously sunny morning.  It was really inspiring watching him get the best from our girly, who can be pretty shy with new people sometimes. He had her feeding the ducks and pulling funny faces with him.  She was laughing so much during the shoot, that he got loads of really brilliant, natural shots.  So much better than those really forced smiles kids give in response to the age old ‘say cheese!’ command.  She still likes challenging me and her dad to face-pulling competitions now – her ‘fish face’ is priceless, and it makes her howl with laughter while she does it.


Quick quote.

‘We don’t remember days, we remember moments.’

Cesare Pavese.


Music makes me happy.

‘I making my music, mummy’ –  an impressively heady conflation of twinkle twinkle little star, wind the bobbin up, and the wheels on the bus, all accompanied with random shaking of maracas and violently screeching blows of the recorder.  Loud, if not lovely!


Good times.

Coming home, our girly was so full of excitement at being back with her toys, her playroom and her stuff.   She had the most incredible few weeks in England, and is still talking all the time about all the great things she got up to.  But her reaction to being back really brings home to me just how much toddlers are comforted by routine and familiarity.  I certainly wasn’t expecting it when she said ‘I really really love our home, mummy!‘. We didn’t really venture out much for the first few days – she just didn’t want to leave the house. Partly jet lag, partly contentedness to just be, surrounded by all her things.  Fine by me – we packed a lot into those four weeks, we could all do with a bit of a rest!


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