Merry go round moments – week 9.

Family fun: top shot.


These two…so much sibling love. I try to get at least one photo of the little man on this mat every month so we can make a little keepsake. It’s hard to get a photo on his own though, because his big sister always wants to be with him, kissing and cuddling him, and he is always looking for her!


Pause for thought.

A good friend has had a very sudden, very worrying health scare this week.  She’s urgently had to go back to England for further tests, but the health professionals here are very concerned.  It has been a huge shock to her, and to all of us who care for her.  She’s young, she’s fit, she’s vibrant, and the most wonderful friend, mother and wife.  We’re all desperately hoping for some good news, whilst preparing ourselves for the bad news. I cannot even imagine how sickeningly terrifying it must feel in her shoes right now.  I’m thinking about her much of the time at the moment.  And when I’m not, I’m often (naturally, I guess) left thinking about how lucky I am and how important it is to seize every second, make the most of everything and everyone I’ve got.


Memories are made of this.

Little man, trying so unbelievably hard to roll over.  He’s desperate to do it and is getting so frustrated that he can’t yet.  He’s such a happy little chappy and is quickly all smiles again, once you  pick him up and pacify him.  But I’m sure he’ll be rolling very soon, as he is seriously committed to practising!


Laugh out loud.

We’ve taken all the suitcases down from storage this weekend, ready to start gradually getting things together and packing.  Only two weeks now until our big trip to England, and I am super excited.  Our girly seems pretty excited as well, especially if you count the fact that she had to comfort test each and every case.  Yes, that means unzipping them, flipping the lids open, settling inside, and doing up the buckles over her lap.  Crazy kid!  It did make me laugh, seeing her and ‘baby’ curled up and ‘sleeping’ in every suitcase.


Quick quote.

This seems like a very unlikely thing for a Pope to say, but as Popes go, he seems to have been a colourful and controversial man at times.  And I totally agree with the sentiment:

Somebody should tell us, right at the start of our lives, that we are dying. Then we might live life to the limit, every minute of every day. Do it! I say. Whatever you want to do, do it now! There are only so many tomorrows.

Pope Paul VI


Music makes me happy.

The Hues Corporation – Rock the Boat.

This week I was listening to the podcast about Jo Malone’s choices on the BBC Radio 4 show, Desert Island Discs.  A fascinating listen, especially for someone who is a). very much into perfume and aromatherapy and b). a big fan of Jo Malone products.

This was one of her picks.  I just love this track.  Podcasts have to play shortened versions for rights reasons, so of course I had to go and hunt out the full version.  Brilliant, feel-good stuff.  Just what I needed.


Good times.

We’ve had a bunch of playdates for our girly and her friends recently.  It has been lovely.  It feels like life is getting back to normal again, after the slowed-down exhaustion of late pregnancy and the early weeks with a newborn.

Something both wonderful and slightly scary about playdates these days is that the children now seem to be happy to go off and play independently in the bedroom, instead of in the playroom with us adults around.  It takes everything in me to leave them to it, and only check on them every ten minutes or so, instead of having them under constant supervision, like ‘the old days’ of just a few months ago! Where has my little baby girl gone?!  At this rate, before I know it she’ll be slamming the door and telling me to knock before I can go in!


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