The eyes have it.

If you describe (extra)ordinary as meaning ‘mundane and meaningful objects. Beautiful everyday things’, as Cheri Lucas Rowlands does for this week’s WordPress weekly photo challenge, then one thing jumps immediately to mind.  Or it did for me anyway.

Every one of us has the most (extra)ordinary eyes.  The iris gives not only the colour to our eyes, but also their subtle pattern of ridges, folds and flecks.  These markings are totally unique – even more so than our fingerprints.  And breath-takingly beautiful if you take the time to look at them up close. If you’ve ever loved someone, chances are you’ve spent hours studying their face, gazing into their eyes.

DSC_0001 (1)-1

These are my daughter’s eyes.  I’ve spent so much time already over her short life, learning her through them.  Bonding with her through our mutual adoring gaze, most especially in the months before she could speak, and her eyes helped her to communicate.

She chatters away now quite confidently, so she is no longer so reliant on her eyes as a means of expression.  But they still provide a beautiful window onto her – when her eyes light up with happiness, widen with surprise, pool with tears of sadness or frustration. Or, as in this case, when they twinkle with joy (as well as a dash of mischief and a generous dusting of glitter!) whilst she plays with a newly made batch of special sparkly play dough.


6 thoughts on “The eyes have it.

  1. Saxon

    My wife studied iridology as part of a natropathy course once. So much to learn from eyes! Great capture. That first image is incredible. What a well behaved subject. Must have great parents hey! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person


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