Doe a deer, a female deer….

There’s nothing quite like a Saturday morning post for the WordPress weekly photo challenge to get back into the swing of things after a couple of weeks holiday. This week’s theme – blur.

With summer in full bloom, this beautiful young deer was a blur as she took off in the tall parkland grass of an English country estate. The image would normally be binned, but for some reason I really like the implied movement.  It almost feels like a painting rather than a photo, to me.

I’m going back to England in just a few weeks time now, and I am already looking forward to a visit to Charlecote Park to see if I can get some more shots of their wonderful deer herd.  They roam quite freely, so it’s not always guaranteed, but either way there is always a lot to see there, so it should be a good day out.


13 thoughts on “Doe a deer, a female deer….

    1. jenny Post author

      Thank you, Maggie! I really appreciate your stopping by to comment. Yes, sometimes that slight pause before hitting ‘delete’ really pays off.


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  3. jenny Post author

    Thanks so much Patti, I really appreciate that. I’d like to say yes to your question about the filter, because then it would sound like I’d artfully planned the shot. But no, just my Nikon D5100, and a 55-200mm lens. I like the texture too, but have no idea why the shot turned out this way – just a lucky fluke in this instance!


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