V for veggies victory!

A reward for good behaviour and eating all her peas and sweetcorn?  An ice lolly for pudding seemed fair. What does she not know? That she is being rewarded for eating her veggies with yet more veggies!  This was my first experiment; a carrot and orange lolly. A sweet moment of victory and a delicious ‘mummy 1 – toddler 0’ moment.

Her battle weary satisfaction and aloof, superior face at the end of ‘one of those meal times’ made me smile inwardly. Whilst keeping up my poker face, of course, and holding my breath that I’d actually managed to trick her into eating one of the veggies that she won’t usually deign to touch.

When I say ‘one of the veggies’….in fact, only sweetcorn and peas are on the approved list in her mind!  Which is odd as I love to cook and I’m a vegetarian.  My husband isn’t vegetarian, and neither is she, but still, she gets plenty of variety and interesting vegetable options offered to her.  I don’t understand why this aversion to veggies, but she’s been the same since she was about 10 months old.  She will eat practically any type of cooked or raw fruit you care to put in front of her, but try supposed kiddy favourites like sweet potatoes, broccoli, avocado, any way you like…no chance!  Believe me, I’ve tried enough different ways to put veggies inside her to write a new toddler recipe book. And then I had the ice lolly ‘lightbulb moment’.

Since the first successful batch of veggie lollies in December I’ve since done other versions with spinach with pineapple, and beetroot with apple.  All have been a hit.  And perhaps it is purely coincidence, but it seems like a reward to me for my perseverance that in the past few weeks she has actually eaten whole, undisguised carrot, cucumber and celery, along with the usual peas and sweetcorn.  Okay, so that’s hardly an impressive list of vegetables in her diet yet, but it shows a good upward trend, which will do for the moment.  And in the meantime, I guess I’ll just keep on coming up with new and interesting ice lollies.


9 thoughts on “V for veggies victory!

  1. jules

    I remember having to be ingenious in the use of vegetables with my daughter in her younger years. Grated into things always worked, pasta sauces and curries, and hidden in desserts; muffins with courgettes and chocolate chips were a big hit with all my daughter’s friends too.


    1. jenny Post author

      Thank you Jules – kids are incredible aren’t they?! Pasta sauce has been classified by my daughter as pure evil already and therefore there is no chance of hiding anything extra in it (not that it has stopped me putting it on her plate – one day she’ll crumble, right?!)! So far I am getting away with grated veggies in muffins…haven’t tried them with choc chips too, so might try that if the need arises!


    1. jenny Post author

      Thank you. It’s funny, she’s surprisingly adventurous at times, but other times just so pig-headed! Hopefully she’ll grow out of it! Adventurous eaters would be very welcome in this house right now. 🙂

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