Freedom to dance in the wind.

One of the things I love about living in this part of Asia is the super-abundance of dragonflies.  They are just so beautifully elegant to watch in flight. I am always amazed at their diversity, the huge range of colours and markings they come with.

Many people believe in animal symbolism and animals as totems.  There is a wealth of symbolism and meaning – both good and bad – associated with dragonflies.  Love, death, freedom, happiness and courage being just some of them.  It is often said that a dragonfly will appear in your life to convey a message to you.

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With my rational, nature-geek head on, I know that dragonflies appear often in my life because I happen to live and/or holiday in areas rich in habitats which are dragonfly and dragonfly larvae friendly. But then, according to one internet source, maybe it is my ‘rational’ side that needs addressing:

“If you’re being too rational and detached, the dragonfly’s appearance may symbolize the need for you to reconnect with the emotional aspect of yourself, to not be bogged down, to take flight and be free, to shed burdens and dance in the winds of life.”

I’m not a believer in animal symbolism, although I do find it interesting reading.  I certainly like the idea of freedom to dance in the winds of life! So that’s my take on Ailsa’s ‘freedom’ travel theme this week.


19 thoughts on “Freedom to dance in the wind.

    1. jenny Post author

      Living in Brunei, but at this moment, holidaying in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. 🙂 It’s a lovely city to take a break in without leaving Borneo.

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        1. jenny Post author

          Yes, it’s a (long) road trip for us. About 8 hours. Or a short flight. But we went for the road trip option this time – a nice adventure.

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    1. jenny Post author

      Thank you, they are such beautiful creatures. One of my favourites, especially when you catch the sparkle of their wings. Thanks for commenting.

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        1. jenny Post author

          I am really excited for you Sarah. It’ll be so nice for you to enjoy the crisp cold British winter days and then slip into the butterfly house for a little respite and some temporary heat and sunshine with the butterflies! The perfect balance. 🙂


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