Solitaire sparkle through twinkling sunbeams.

No shadow of a doubt, blue skies and sunshine makes me happy. Even better when seen through crystal clear blue seas.  The sunbeams captured by the camera twinkle and dance, causing a glitter of silver flashes to bounce off the small fish above and around us.

Underwater sunbeams are a real sight to behold.  It is hard to capture a halo of sunbeams on land, but in water they are so much more striking. In the same way that I have beach sunset photos by the hundred from travels around the world, I also have endless combinations of underwater sun shots – a halo of sunbeams, silhouetting a diver, silhouetting a turtle, with a shoal of iridescent fish flashing past.  I love sunbeam shots!

For me, scuba diving banishes the blues in the twinkling of an eye, even faster if the sun happens to also be smiling whilst I dive.

“A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows”.

                                                                                                    (St Francis of Assisi).

The second I’m under the waterline my heart swells with love and awe at the beauty and wonder of the seas.  I feel at peace and entranced, but utterly revitalised.  I wonder if that feeling fades with time?  I can’t imagine that it ever will.


“What a great thing, to be loved!  What a greater thing still to love! The heart becomes heroic through passion…if no one loved, the sun would go out.”

(Victor Hugo, Les Misérables).

My entry for the WordPress weekly photo challenge, Twinkle, hosted by Jen Hooks.

10 thoughts on “Solitaire sparkle through twinkling sunbeams.

  1. lizbert1

    There is something about being in the water that feeds the soul isn’t there? I can pass hours of happy snorkelling just gazing at the wonder of the underwater world. Lovely pic!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. jenny Post author

      Absolutely – it is one of the best forms of therapy and relaxation I know of! Happy to meet another underwater fan! Thank you for your kind words.


    1. jenny Post author

      Thanks very much Amy. I really loved your bejewelled leaves shot too, but was having real troubles leaving a comment – internet here is a bit wobbly at the moment!



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