And then there were five (soon!).

I am beyond excited that a very special friend here in Brunei is expecting her third child any day now.  When you are living thousands of miles from ‘home’ and family, friends become even more important.  In a moment of madness I offered to spend some time with her and her family before and after the big day, getting some special shots of them, the bump and baby. And she jumped at the chance.

Besides obsessively photographing my own daughter (as every new parent does!) I’ve never done any portrait photography before.  So that was me – one very nervous friend, desperate not to mess up, after the grand gesture!!

Considering the massive learning curve, the first session went better than I could have hoped.  I made mistakes, I missed some great moments, some shots aren’t quite what they should be.  But I got some lovely moments too.  And it felt like such a privilege to share such private moments of fun family times with some very good friends.  There’s definitely room to grow, but all in all it felt like an achievement.

I learned so much from the experience and cannot wait to do the second session with them.  Their children are young, so we wrapped everything up in under 40 minutes.  It was intense, and the pressure of getting some good shots for them felt massive, but I can totally see the buzz that professional portrait photographers must get from their job.

And the best thing is that, whilst my critical eye is never going to look at the album and be satisfied, my friend was thrilled. It made all the stress and worry worth it.  And I’d do it again for her in a heartbeat.  Which is good, because I should hopefully be back there very soon to meet the new addition!

006a_839 copy

My entry for the WordPress weekly photo challenge, asking for a photo which says ‘achievement’ to me.


5 thoughts on “And then there were five (soon!).

    1. jenny Post author

      Thank you, Amy! It was tough doing something like that for friends – you so want it to be perfect for them. But everything worked out, and it was fun too. :o)


    1. jenny Post author

      Thank you, Sheri! It was nerve-wracking, and not something I’d do normally, but also a lot of fun. It helps that they liked the end results! Phew!!


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