Dreamy days and sleepless nights.

Two become three.  Those first few precious hours, days and weeks when you are hormonally upside down and inside out, and sleep deprived to the extent that you can barely string a sentence together.  Operating to an instruction manual that you haven’t got, in a language you don’t understand, and feeling entirely out of your comfort zone.

006a_485 copy

 And yet feeling so utterly content and in love.  Wanting to do nothing but sit and watch her.   Spending hours getting to know this amazing new person who has entirely taken over your life and your heart.

Awake, asleep, in your arms, in her moses basket.  The dreamy days of newborn love.

006a_484 copy

Still in the hospital, only hours old and so perfect. I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

Looking back for my entry for this week’s WordPress weekly photo challenge, in which Michelle W. asked for our take on ‘dreamy’.  Other entries can be found here.

006a_487 copy

13 thoughts on “Dreamy days and sleepless nights.

    1. jenny Post author

      Thanks, Patti. It already seems a long time ago, but at the same time, only yesterday! Motherhood seems to have time-travel magical powers!


    1. jenny Post author

      Ha – yes, rose tinted glasses are a wonderful thing…the sleep deprivation seemed less precious at the time! ;o) Thanks for your comments, Madhu.



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