A paint pot of floral sunshine.

Well, it has been an exceptionally wet and miserable 24 hours here.  Not the best weather to combat the Sunday blues and kick the week off with a smile!  The rain has been absolutely thundering down, making it hard to go anywhere.  Apart from a quick dash out for a playgroup session this morning, we have been cooped up, waiting it out.  So while my daughter has her lunchtime nap, I’ve been in search of my own home-made sunshine.

046 (4)-1

I got a Mac a little while ago and Apps are turning out to be a real treat! I am just beginning to dip my toe in the water, checking out some of the creative photo-processing options available.  I follow a blog called decocraftsdigicrafts by a lovely lady called Raewyn.  She recently shared some water-colour style images that she had produced from some of her photographs, using the Waterlogue App.  They were brilliant – I knew I had to have a go!

‘There are always flowers for those who want to see them.’

Henri Matisse


It turns out that not every app works for every Apple product, which I’d never have thought about before I got one myself! Waterlogue seems to be one of them. Typical! But I found something similar (I think!) called Aquarella.  I got it over the weekend and have been having a lot of fun playing with it.  I get an almost childlike thrill, watching my photos instantly turn into ‘watercolours’ and then tinkering about with the settings to get them looking how I want.  Yes, I know, I really do need to get out more!  But honestly, there is no way I could ever actually paint anything so well, so this gives me the chance to imagine my inner artist!

‘I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers.’

Claude Monet

So here are a selection of the photos I’ve experimented with.  Of the handful I’ve done, most of them are yellow.  I think I must be channelling my hopes for an end to the rain and a little bit of sunshine.  Producing sunshine-y images…a modern day rain dance in reverse for the technology era perhaps?!  Fingers crossed!


‘Normality is a paved road: It’s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it.’

Vincent van Gogh


10 thoughts on “A paint pot of floral sunshine.

    1. jenny Post author

      Thanks very much! No, these ones were just for fun, although I may do one for printing at some point in the future.



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