Down at Fuschia farm: tractors to ride, flowers to lick!

My favourite little farm hand for the day, resplendent in a particularly girly set of clothing.  Pink shoes, pink socks, pink leggings and top, and to top it off a – WOW that is BRIGHT!! – fuchsia hoodie!  The photo really doesn’t do justice to quite how bright it was!

006a_475 copy

I don’t normally go quite so over the top when I’m choosing her clothes; I don’t know what happened!  Although the hoodie would have been needed no matter what – it was chilly that day!  Anyway, she had a lovely time, sitting up on the big old-fashioned tractor with her buddy for the day.  They took it in turns (begrudgingly!) to take the wheel and ‘drive’.  It was hilarious watching their faces rapidly alternate between delighted (when they were driving!) and thoroughly bored and miffed (when they were being the passenger!) and back again.  But they lasted a good ten minutes of sharing and taking turns before it all got too much.  Not bad going for toddlers!

006a_473 copy

After all that high-octane excitement of stationary tractor driving we needed something to get them moving and wear them out.  A little walk around the flower garden before going on to feed the sheep, goats and donkeys.  At this point my little girl was only just learning the difference between ‘taste this’ and ‘smell this’.  And when babies and toddlers are little, absolutely everything  goes in their mouths.

006a_474 copy

We slowly toddled round checking out the different flowers, talking about their colours, watching the bees and butterflies on them, feeling the leaves in our fingers, leaning in (with a very precarious wobble at times – walking was a brand new skill too!) to smell the flowers.  And I’d say at least three-quarters of the flowers we passed that day got a good lick test too!

006a_477 copy

A couple of months have passed since our farm visit, so the distinction between taste and smell has been mastered, and thankfully, the flower-licking has stopped!  I didn’t worry too much on this trip as we were in England, where I’ve got a pretty good grasp of what is and is not safe for consumption.  But I am only just getting a handle on tropical plants so a lot of them I don’t even know the name of, never mind whether it is poisonous or not!


So now I just need to keep working on our little girl to get her to be a bit more gentle when she is stroking   patting   bashing  crushing my orchids to a pulp!! I try to let her explore and learn outside, but the flowers are looking distinctly battered at the moment.  A real shame as they are my favourite part of our garden, and would have made perfect subjects for this week’s fuchsia colour challenge.  Oh well, another time for another post maybe…once the art of gentleness has been mastered!




15 thoughts on “Down at Fuschia farm: tractors to ride, flowers to lick!

    1. jenny Post author

      Thank you, Amy. I do love photographing flowers, and our little girl was in her element that day with the flowers and animals…just like her mummy, obviously! ;o)


    1. jenny Post author

      Thanks very much, Jennifer. I keep going ‘blahh’ every time she puts something she shouldn’t in her mouth…she now says it too! I think she thinks it is an alternative word for ‘yum’! Whoops! ;o)


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