Livid or luscious? I know what I’d vote for!

If I see the word ‘livid’ I usually anticipate anger, rage, fury.  So as a colour descriptor, it is a new one on me.  So, I was intrigued to discover, reading this week’s One Word Photo Challenge, that it describes a dark, blueish grey.  The colour of thunderstorms and brooding seas. The bloom over fresh blueberries, and thick smoke rising off a camp fire. I’m sure there are loads of over ‘livid’ things, if I really put my mind to it.  But all the ones that came to me immediately were outdoors-y.

So here’s my take on ‘livid’, in full outdoors-y English summer glory.  Not the usual moody, broody ‘livids’, but a floral burst of colour.  Honeywort. Or to give it the more colourful name it is also known by, Cerinthe major ‘Purpurascens’. It’s a freely self-seeding annual, so requires zero effort to keep enjoying the flowers year after year. And it is incredibly popular with bees.  What is not to love?!

006a_394 copy

Such a sumptuous range and depth of colour, and those beautiful nodding, flower hoods.  There were a lot of beautiful flowers vying for pole-position in the flower beds at Charlecote Park National Trust property the day I was there, but this one really stole the show for me.

I guess if choppy seas and rolling thunder clouds are the ‘livid’ scenes you automatically picture, then they quite fit the word definition perfectly too.  But I think Honeywort is now my in-built mental image when I think ‘livid’. Softly calming, luscious, and the epitome of graceful elegance. I don’t think you could get much less ‘livid’ than that.


7 thoughts on “Livid or luscious? I know what I’d vote for!

  1. Tidlidim

    Same as Jennifer. I’m in no way knowledgeable about plants, but I’ve never come across this one. It’s beautiful!


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