Containers: bee hotel.

Containers…the theme for this week’s WordPress weekly photo challenge.  But I’ve been maxing out my UK sunshine time this week and taking more notice of the natural world than man-made objects. So I was struggling for inspiration.  And then, as I sat reveling in the late evening sunshine with a glass of wine in hand, I glanced across at the ‘insect hotel’ I’d bought for my dad’s garden a few years ago, nestling amongst the foliage.  And there it was.


An insect hotel – a palatial container for leaf-cutter bee larvae.

This particular insect hotel has been a massive hit with leaf-cutter bees.  They tend to nest in holes – plant stems, walls, or in this case, stacked hollow bamboo cylinders.

They cut the leaf discs, filling their selected hole to create a nest for their larvae.  They apparently particularly favour rose leaves, which would make sense, as this garden is packed with different rambling roses. I love looking at the circular cut-outs in the remaining leaves, knowing that there is a leaf-cutter bee buzzing contentedly about somewhere, happy with the home they’ve had for the next generation of leaf-cutters.


A leaf-cutter bee, savouring the sweetpeas.


4 thoughts on “Containers: bee hotel.

    1. jennylratcliffe Post author

      Thank you very much! That’s very kind. I’d quite like a insect hotel in my own garden, but the tropical relations are usually a fair bit bigger and scarier looking than the little British bees, so maybe not such a good idea!


      1. vicbriggs

        Most of my garden visitors are bumble-bees so I feel fairly happy about size as long as their home is not too near (I would not dream of interfering with their daily chores, but then I wouldn’t know how to inform them of that either 😉 )


        1. jennylratcliffe Post author

          How lovely, to have a garden full of bumble bees! Lucky lady. Yes, I like the tropical wildlife being in my garden, but at a suitably safe distance from the front door!



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