one word photo challenge: aqua.

The word ‘aqua’ (or very similar), means water in a whole bunch of languages, including Catalan, Corsican, Galician, Italian, Latin, Portuguese, Sardinian, and Spanish.  And when I think of aqua, that is exactly what springs to mind.  Although I see it from two perspectives. So here they both are for this week’s ‘aqua’ one word photo challenge.

First, there’s this way….


And then there’s this way…


Usually in quick succession, as soon as I’ve dumped my bags, got my dive gear together, and headed straight down to the dive centre.

As a scuba diver, ‘aqua’ will always mean warm seas and underwater adventures, even when I am an old lady and have long since dived my last dive.

These shots are both from Lankayan.  For the ultimate ‘aqua’ it was a tough choice between the sparkling Maldivian seas, and the crystal clear waters around Lankayan.   In the end, Lankayan won.  It was so remote and exclusive that the diving was incredible.  Only us in the water, and so much marine life and healthy reef to see.  All in fantastic far-ranging visibility and bath-warm water.  It is deservedly one of my favourite dive locations ever (yet!).





12 thoughts on “one word photo challenge: aqua.

      1. mamta chakravorty

        Lucky you 🙂 I do not get a chance to travel much in real life but who’s stopping me from travelling in my imagination 🙂 an avid fan of Nat Geo and animal planet, I often travel places,sitting in my drawing room 🙂
        Looking forward to many more beautiful shots from you…the beach looked so pristine….


        1. jennylratcliffe Post author

          Thank you; I do feel very lucky, Mamta. But yes, I also love Nat Geo for those days when holidays just feel too far away! And the David Attenborough Blue Planet dvds are favourites. When I was pregnant and couldn’t dive I was watching an episode most days!! 🙂


    1. jennylratcliffe Post author

      Thanks very much Jennifer! 🙂 Scuba diving is incredible. So much fun and just beautiful under the waves – do it if you ever get the chance! I’ve got a Sea&Sea DX2G in a Sea&Sea underwater housing. I really must try to get out and dive a bit more with it – looking at the under water photo makes me feel almost homesick!


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