Weekly photo challenge: Relic.

Dear old Arabella.  She must have been a real beauty in her prime.  But she was a definite relic when I saw her parked up by a beach side bar.


Local kids having some fun!

By the time she made it to Malapascua island in the Philippines she’d clearly already put in many long years of hard service.  The island has no proper roads and no cars; you walk or if you are feeling brave (reckless?!) you hop on the back of a motorbike.  So I think some enterprising islander must have realised that there would be good money to be made in offering tourists an easier way to get their bags from their beach landing point to their bedroom than dragging them along as they trudged.

But for that kind of potential they clearly had to pay the piper.  Whoever brought her over must have really wanted her, because there is no connecting road bridge to this island, no big ferry, no easy access options for transporting large objects.  There are small motorboats which will take a handful of people.  Or there are the (slightly!) bigger, traditional banca vessels; boats with bamboo outriggers. That’s it.


Travelling the local way…a Philippines banca.

Whichever way Arabella’s proud new owner chose to get her to the island, it must have been a hassle.  I’m not even sure a motorbike with sidecar tuk tuk would fit in one of the little motorboats!  And it must have been a wobbly, precarious journey on the banca.  Even just getting her on and off the boat must have taken serious man power.

There is no dry jetty area on Malapascua.  The boats get as close to the beach as they can, you jump out in the water and walk the rest of the way!  So I’m guessing Arabella must have been hoisted up in the air and carried by her new owner and some of his kinder, stronger buddies!

I hope the relic has had new life breathed into her. A lick of paint; a little bit of tender loving care. But whatever else has changed, I really hope she’s kept her name plate – I thought it was rather sweet.  My choice for this week’s ‘relic‘ WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.



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