One word photo challenge: Silver

This week’s colour challenge from Jennifer Nichole Wells is ‘silver’.  This beautiful iris is my entry.  It is the most amazing soft, cool mauvy-blue colour.  It does not tick the ‘silver’ box though does it?!  Not unless you count the backdrop of weathered fence panels, silvered with age.  But no, I thought for a change I’d go with a bit of lateral thinking this week. Have you guessed where I am going with this yet?

A flower for love.

A flower for love.

Yes, the iris is the flower traditionally given for 25th wedding anniversaries.  Also known as a silver wedding anniversary.  Other gifts are silverware (obviously!), and if you go down the gemstone route, the beautiful green tsavorite.

Back in the days of the Holy Roman Empire, wives were crowned with a silver wreath by their husbands on their twenty fifth wedding anniversary.  In medieval Germany, couples living to see their twenty fifth wedding anniversary would be presented by friends and neighbours with a silver wreath for the wife to wear.   In a time when life expectancy was far shorter, it was a means of celebrating and congratulating them on their long and happy lives together.

Today there are commonly recognised gifts for many of the wedding anniversaries, although some have changed over the years.  They can also differ by country. My husband and I celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary this year.  Today that is often associated with wooden objects, but if I had been living in the UK in the past I might have received a gift made from sugar.  If I’d been living in the US in the past I could have been given iron (as distinct from an iron I hope. I would not be blown away by the romance of receiving an iron, that’s for sure.  Although I’m not sure how romantic iron would be as a gift either!).


5 thoughts on “One word photo challenge: Silver

  1. Jennifer Nichole Wells

    Haha lovely post. Now I know you most definitely wan’t AN iron for your anniversary 😉 I like your thinking in making this silver post and love the history on what some gifts would have been back in the day. Thanks for sharing!


    1. jennylratcliffe Post author

      Askimet obviously disagreed with the concept of an iron for an anniversary too, and hid this comment from me. I only stumbled across it by chance! 😉


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