One word photo challenge: White.


patiently poised to strike.

The somewhat uninspiringly named Intermediate White Egret. A beautiful bird despite the boring name.  Distinguishable from the equally uninspiringly named Little Egret and Great Egret by their lack of yellow feet (which Little Egrets have) and their lack of a highly curved, almost Z-shaped neck (which Great Egrets have).

These birds are commonly seen around Brunei, always on the lookout for tasty snacks in the form of frogs, fish, and insects.  Funniest is when there are flocks of them following in the wake of the ride-on grass mowers, searching through the cut swathe of grass for fleeing creatures.  Or even better for the ultimate lazy option, the bits of those that were not quite fast enough to escape the blades of the mower.  They usually seem so aloof and poised, standing in solitary contemplation as they silently stalk their next meal.  But all dignity is abandoned as they flock together, hopping and flapping about in the scramble for chopped up leftovers at grass cutting time!

Egrets are so nervy that getting them to pose is almost impossible most of the time, unless you have a long lens (which I don’t).  And a lot of time and patience (neither of which my baby girl is willing to consider giving me! At most I’ve usually got a minute before she shrieks and they take flight).  But on this occasion I was lucky.  This little guy was totally absorbed in stalking something tasty to eat in amongst the buttressed roots of the trees.  I thought he made a nice choice for this week’s one word photo challenge.


4 thoughts on “One word photo challenge: White.

  1. dollymarionette

    Somehow the black and white medium makes this beautiful bird all the more striking to behold.



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