Daddy or chips?

In a little trip down memory-lane, that is the all-important question in the McCain’s chips advert that was on TV when I was a girl.  Our little girl may not know it yet, but in this household it is always going to be daddy AND chips, because in a break from the usual cooking responsibilities, it is daddy who does the chip making.  And damn fine chips they are too!

This is my husband’s first Fathers Day, having been on daddy duty now for not quite eleven months of hectic happiness with our little wriggler.  It has been wonderful as a wife to watch him and her learn and grow together, and see just how incredibly close their bond is.  I always knew he would make a fantastic father.  And although I probably don’t say it enough now that we are so busy actually being parents, it is a privilege and a luxury being part of a mummy-daddy team with him.

As with most families there are obviously still the days when food throwing, sleep refusal, and all out pre-toddler tantrums are the norm.  But thankfully they are fewer than the days when our little girl is (mainly!) cooperative, smiley, charming, and funny.  And every day – good or bad – is made a million times better by having a husband who does nappy changes, and story time, and bath time, and meal time and everything else he can, as often as he can.  We do things together, or he’ll do them on his own and send me off for a bath with a cup of tea, a magazine and some earphones to drown out the cacophony that I’m making a brief escape from. He doesn’t do it to earn brownie points.  Or because he feels he should.  He does it because he loves us both and wants to be as involved as possible.

The result of all that outpouring of her daddy’s love? Our little girl is the ultimate daddy’s girl! It is lovely to watch how much she adores him. For the first time since she was born, my husband had to go on a long trip away this week. Five days in total, and because of travel arrangements and time zone differences we have only managed to speak twice during that time.  He has been sorely missed.  By us both.  But then I haven’t been reduced to determinedly wrestling mobile phones out of other people’s hands, pointing at them, and saying ‘daaaa?!’ in an effort to speak to him.  And I haven’t been wandering around the house finding all the photos of him and forlornly stroking his face with one little pudgy finger!  It is ridiculously sweet watching her do it.

I’ve been telling her every day when her daddy is coming home, but really I don’t think she is old enough to understand.  So I am very much looking forward to seeing her face when she wakes up in the morning and I carry her in to our bedroom, to find daddy there too. In time-honoured tradition we have, of course, made a card and gotten a little gift to mark Fathers Day.  But I expect that the beaming smile from our little girl and her bouncing with excitement as she is handed over for cuddles with her daddy will be the best gift of the day by far.


Daddy’s girl, right from the start.




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