A smile is worth a thousand words.

“I think people make their own faces, as they grow.”

Enid Blyton, The Naughtiest Girl Again.


Baby smiles

Amuse me, mummy…ready, set, GO!

When our little girl was newborn I bought a lovely illustrated journal.  It is designed to enable you to chart your story as mother and child, from birth to their 18th birthday.  It is a long term undertaking, but I think it will make a lovely memento for our little girl when she is a grown woman. Each year has the same set of questions, so that you can really see how your child, and your relationship with them, grows over the years.

Our daughter is coming up to a year old, so I have started thinking about what to include in the chapter for this past year.  Although the journal doesn’t specifically provide space for photos, I think I’m going to try to include some, as they tell such a big part of the story at this age.  My problem is, from newborn to now so much growing and changing happens.  I’m struggling to decide what to leave out!

One of the sections is entitled ‘what you are like’. I’m looking forward to seeing how time may change things, but at the moment our little girl is just such a happy and smiley little thing.  Always grinning and giggling at something. I’ve loved watching her grow into her sunny personality.

The first time I saw her making the beginnings of a smile, it just melted my heart.  It was a rather lopsided effort initially, but it is now a full on beaming, toothy smile. And she is happy to smile for anyone who will give her even the slightest hint of attention.  I’ve loved watching her gain control of her movement and facial expressions over the months.  Her personality shining through more and more and she figures out how to use her body language to match her mood.

Sometimes she looks like such a little lady, all calm and poised and almost haughty.

Baby model

Posing up a storm….I couldn’t have gotten her to do this, if I’d tried!

And then at other times you can just seem the excitement and mischief in her eyes, and you know she is waiting to see what fun stuff you’ve got planned for her next.

I was looking through a folder of photos I took a couple of months ago, and found the photos in this post.  It’s hard to believe they were all taken within moments of each other. Yes, I’ve noticed her face and expressions changing over the weeks and months, as she has learnt how to smile, blow raspberries, play peek-a-boo, and all the other baby classics.  But it is so lovely to look back at these photos and watch the speed with which she flipped through the different expressions here, ready for the next laugh.

I think it’s important to get the balance right – I want to capture these kind of moments, the everyday stuff, but I don’t want to miss out actually experiencing our baby’s life because I’ve spent my whole time with a camera to my eye.  So far I think we’ve got it about right, and having the photos and video clips gives an amazing reminder of how far she has already come.

We are lucky to have such a happy and contented baby (most of the time!).  When she is sitting there in uncontrollable fits of the giggles – like here when she was playing peek-a-boo with daddy’s cap – I can really see the cheery, cheeky little girl she is growing into.  Happy days.

Cap modelling

Can you see me? Peek-a-boo!



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