Weekly photo challenge: Twist!

Sometimes it seems that I start down certain avenues of thought completely incidentally, and then they get stuck in my subconscious.  Different angles – usually on a visual theme – twisting and turning, until my brain kicks them out to make space for something else.  Am I alone in this?!  Either way, it seems to happen quite a lot to me!

I know there is something similar with auditory materials, which is experienced by lots of people.  We’ve all been there at least once with that song that you just can’t get out of your head for love nor money, haven’t we?  I learnt recently – courtesy of the ex-pat blessing that is internet radio and the wonderful BBC Radio 4 – that these even have a proper name.  Two names in fact.  Earworms, or for those of us who think that sounds like a horrible medical condition which is best avoided, sticky music.

I know the very real psychological pain of a particularly persistent sticky song all too well.  At the moment I am rarely more than five minutes away from an outburst of ‘yes, my name is IgglePiggle, iggle piggle niggle wiggle diggle.  Yes, my name is IgglePiggle, iggle piggle niggle wiggle woooooooooo!’.  And if you don’t recognise it, then a). thank your lucky stars because it is awful, awful, awful (especially after it has been in your head for weeks at a time), and b). thank your lucky stars again, as you clearly don’t have a young child who is growing up in the ‘In the Night Garden’ toddler television generation, which is the epitome of bizarre.

Anyway, I digress….my thoughts twisting away from me, obviously!  Back to visual loops….I seem to be on a flower theme at the moment.  And bougainvillea in particular. I wrote about it just days ago (here).  And then when this latest weekly photo challenge came out, the first thing I thought of was bougainvillea.

I’ve noticed that sometimes the flower stems have a delightful twist.  Not always; I think it is a genetic mutation or deformity of some kind.  But it does create a lovely effect when it happens.  The tiny little filaments, spiralling together in the centre of their colourfully papery protective shell. Perhaps you could take the point that a slight twist in the natural order isn’t always an entirely bad thing? Certainly I think that looking at its beauty, it is hard not to admire.


Twisted bougainvillea flower

So that is my contribution for this week’s ‘Twist’ photo theme.  I wonder if there is a third bougainvillea post still rattling about in there somewhere…they say that these things tend to come in threes, don’t they?! Let’s see what next week brings….

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