Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Food!


Beautiful persimmon fruit.  They have a vivid orange, shiny skin which is normally the thing that catches your eye.  But I think that in black and white the almost architectural calyx on top really stands out, which is lovely.

In this house we take our food seriously!  Food is for eating, not for photographing (well, most of the time!).  Moments after this shot was taken, the persimmon were peeled and chopped up, poaching in a pan of orange flower water with some peeled pear and a couple of bruised cardamom pods. Softened, blitzed and poured into an ice cube tray for freezing…very tasty, very quick, and perfect baby size portions to accompany thick, creamy greek yoghurt!  Our little one loved it!!  And after all, why should toddlers be stuck eating boring food, especially when good food is this easy?!

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