Weekly photo challenge: letters....

Weekly photo challenge: letters…

….a photo with letters — no matter the alphabet.

This is one of the laminated letters on a school classroom wall. The school is the very essence of multiculturalism. Established in Brunei for children of the British Army Gurkha Regiments stationed there, over 80% of the children are Nepalese and have English as an additional language.  There are teachers from the UK, Nepal, India, Canada and New Zealand.

The school delivers the English national primary curriculum but also provides additional classes for the Nepali students in Nepalese language skills. So alongside the 26 letters of the Roman alphabet, children in this school also learn the considerably larger Nepali Devanagari alphabet. There are 36 consonants alone!

Walt Disney is quoted as saying ‘Of all our inventions for mass communication, pictures still speak the most universally understood language’. So it seems fitting that in teaching language in a school classroom, pictures – as here – remain an essential learning aid to the letters being learnt, no matter the alphabet.

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