Weekly photo challenge: threshold

contemplating the next step...

contemplating the next step…

It would be fair to say that my gorgeous little girl is determined.  Eight months old and desperate to walk! Although she looks most like her daddy, her strong minded determination is definitely something I take the….credit?…blame?…for! Either way, she is definitely on the threshold of something quite monumental.  Baby to toddler.

Three weeks ago she was pre-mobile.  You could put her down on her back or tummy, and know that she could roll and swivel, but not really get anywhere so fast it was going to cause a problem.  She was busy mastering the art of baby press ups, looking adorably comical. Lifting her knees forward but not yet moving the arms and actually going anywhere. It was obvious that crawling was on her mind, but she just couldn’t quite get the coordination together.

Then we went on holiday somewhere there were no safe floor spaces for her to practice on, so she had a two week break to absorb her learning and reflect on her technique.   Now we are home and she has gone straight to expert crawling!  Although ‘crawling’ seems like the wrong word because it seems to suggest something slow.  Like traffic struggling along during the post-work commute. Our little girl is fast! She knows where she wants to be and she is not hanging around any more to check that mummy knows where that is. Constant vigilance is the new watchword!

Not only is she crawling, but she has also now mastered the combined move of sitting up, grabbing on to something and pulling herself up.  Practice, practice, practice!  Legs, sofas and book shelves all do the job very nicely apparently. Then she stands there wobbling uncertainly, chuckling in her pleasure at her cleverness and independence. Until she turns round to check I’m watching how clever she is and comes tumbling down.  A step too far just for the moment.

As I was watching her earlier it dawned on me that with all those new skills under her belt now, and her enthusiasm for practising them all day long, it probably won’t be long before she is up on her own two feet and toddling off to explore. So my baby, my tiny, cuddly bundle of total dependence on me, is on the verge of her first stage of real independence. I feel a small, fleeting sadness at the speed at which the ‘proper’ baby months have gone.  But mostly I feel huge excitement and joy at the prospect of all the new special experiences that she and I are about to embark on together as mum and toddler.


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